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IBM Research and Nova Jointly Awarded the “Best Metrology Paper” at SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference

Rehovot, Israel, April 26, 2022

Demonstrating In-Line Raman Spectroscopy (Nova ELIPSON™) for Nanosheet devices

Rehovot, Israel – April 26, 2022 – Nova (Nasdaq: NVMI) today announced that its co-authored paper with IBM Research on “In-Line Raman Spectroscopy for Stacked Nanosheet Device Manufacturing” has been selected as the winner of the Diana Nyyssonen award for “best paper at SPIEs 2021 Advanced Lithography Symposia.” The award was granted to Nova and IBM on the opening day of the 2022 conference. The paper is a result of a continuous collaboration between the companies that drove numerous innovative joint development programs to enhance advanced chip manufacturing. The paper demonstrates the novel technologies Nova promotes in advanced process control by utilizing its unique and differentiated solutions. As part of the collaboration with IBM Research, Nova installed its most advanced portfolio at IBM Research’s lab in Albany, New York.  

Monitoring and controlling strain in next-generation devices within intricate nanoscale structures is a new challenge. A suitable non-destructive and fast in-line technique is critical for successful research and development and manufacturing. The joint effort demonstrates in-line  Raman spectroscopy for non-destructive strain metrology at multiple critical process steps throughout the front-end-of-line (FEOL) manufacturing cycle of stacked nanosheet devices. This paper establishes the importance of in-line Raman and support the growing demand  for  materials metrology in high volume manufacturing.

“Our in-line Raman spectroscopy work with Nova supports critical advances in logic scaling that offer new pathways of managing strain metrology for nanosheet transistors,” said Dr. Huiming Bu, Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Technology Research & Albany Operations at IBM Research. “This joint effort is indicative of the collaborative ecosystem IBM and partners have cultivated in Albany to steer our leading edge logic technology R&D roadmap.”  

“We are honored to be selected for this prestigious award in collaboration with IBM Research,” said Dr. Shay Wolfling, Chief Technology Officer of Nova. “controlling Nanosheets strain at critical process steps is enabled by our innovative Nova ELIPSONTM Raman Spectroscopy solution that is designed to measure materials properties such as stress, crystallinity, and surface properties for both Memory and Logic devices. The joint work with IBM Research has demonstrated that through collaboration with our customers, we can introduce new technologies, offering groundbreaking solutions to enable the transition to next-generation manufacturing.”

About Nova:

Nova is a leading innovator and key provider of material, optical and chemical metrology solutions for advanced process control in semiconductor manufacturing. Nova delivers continuous innovation by providing state-of-the-art high-performance metrology solutions for effective process control throughout the semiconductor fabrication lifecycle. Nova’s product portfolio, which combines high-precision hardware and cutting-edge software, provides its customers with deep insight into developing and producing the most advanced semiconductor devices. Nova’s unique capability to deliver innovative solutions enables its customers to improve performance, enhance product yields and accelerate time to market. Nova acts as a partner to semiconductor manufacturers from its offices worldwide. Additional information may be found at Nova’s website link – https://www.novami.com/.

Nova is traded on Nasdaq & TASE, Nasdaq ticker symbol NVMI.

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