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Kick Starting My Career at Nova- Fresh out of College

Right after graduating from her Master’s degree in Chemical engineering, Winnie Wang join Nova as an application specialist, not expecting that 2 weeks later, she would be traveling to Israel for a month-long training. Here is Winnie’s onboarding story.

Winnie, tell us a little bit about yourself.

 Sure, I graduated from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, and I majored in Chemical engineering.

I joined Nova a few weeks ago as an application specialist in the DMD and yes, this is my first job. 

Fresh out of college and only 2 weeks after joining Nova and you already traveled to the headquarters for a month-long training, Was it a surprise to you that you were going to start traveling so quickly after joining the company? 

Yes, it’s a bit nerve-wracking. So many changes in such a short time, but I do get to learn much in a short period of time and it is quite exciting.  Yet, I haven’t had a sound understanding about everything I am expected to do, I’m trying to learn quickly by digging deeper into it. This travel is actually a great learning experience and an opportunity to get to know colleagues in headquarters. 

Being so new to the company, what has been your onboarding experience so far? 

 My first impression is that Nova is a big family and everyone is very nice. Little by little, I’m getting used to it, all of it, and learning about Nova MARS, the product I will provide Nova’s customers, the technology, the atmosphere, and other important things at Nova.  The most inspiring thing here is that I can ask any question and I will get an answer to help me become more professional. Everyone here is so eager to help each other. 

What do you like to do in your personal time?

 I enjoy working out in the gym or at home, listening to music, and singing. I love to sing and my HR representative told me they might actually ask me to sing in Nova events. 

A singer and an engineer, what a perfect combination! What made you decide to join Nova? 

First of all, it is an international company, so I will have many opportunities to travel. I’m also excited to learn more about the semiconductor process and industry. So these were two appealing aspects of the job which are just the things I’m interested in for my career. 

If I was a student graduating, what would be your tips for moving from academia to industry?

My best tip for them would be: to join Nova. Although I have been here for a short period of time, I already feel it was a great decision to join. 

Where do you see yourself in Nova in 3-5 years’ time? 

I think I will have specialized in Nova MARS. I will have gained a deeper understanding of the semiconductor process and have efficient and professional skills to solve problems for our customers. And I think I will be in a leading position in five years. Of course, I need to work for it since this is my first job, so I need to invest and prepare for it more than others, especially at this point, I know very little about the industry. And maybe in three years, I will also get married.

Nova Team

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