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300mm in-line metrologies for the characterization of ultra-thin layer of 2D materials

April 27 2023 @ SPIE
Authored by: A. Moussa, J. Bogdanowicz, B. Groven, P. Morin, M. Beggiato, M. Saib, G. Santoro, Y. Abramovitz, K. Houtchens, S. Ben Nissim, N. Meir, J. Hung, A. Urbanowicz, R. Koret, I. Turovets, G. F. Lorusso, A.-L. Charley

Devices based on 2D material channels require high-quality monolayer material. However, although the value of many laboratory metrology techniques has been demonstrated on small coupons, the development of inline characterization of 2D material layers grown on full 300mm wafers is still missing. In this work, we evaluate and combine different inline metrologies to characterize at wafer level the thickness and the morphology of tungsten disulfide (WS2) layers grown on full 300mm wafers. Combining the results from the different techniques allows us to reveal the morphology and the thickness of the WS2 layers as well as their uniformity across the 300 mm wafers for different growth conditions.
Keywords: 2D material, WS2, Tungsten disulfide, in-line metrology, 300mm wafer.