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Imagine transitioning from solving tech puzzles to leading a room full of yogis into meditation. This is exactly what Aaron Loss does, with one foot in the tech world and the other in a yoga studio.

His fascinating path took him from anthropology studies at San Jose State University to the spiritual land of India, and now, to our very own Nova, where he works as a help desk technician and also instructs yoga classes to the team.

Today he shares with us his inspiring journey which blends tech, learning, teaching, and tranquility.

Aaron Loss

Aaron, could you share a bit about your background and what led you to Yoga? 

Right now, I’m wrapping up my anthropology degree at San Jose State University. I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and our physical and cultural evolution, which is why I dove into anthropology. I’ve been into fitness for about 12 to 13 years, mainly teaching weight training and high-intensity classes, like what you’d see in CrossFit. But, after a while, all that heavy lifting and marathon training started to take its toll on my body.

That's when I got curious about yoga.

At first, it was just about stretching out those sore muscles, but then I really got into it after taking some classes. I figured, I’m already certified in all these other fitness disciplines, why not add yoga to the mix? So, I looked into teacher training programs, comparing costs here in the States and in India, where yoga originated. It turned out going to India for the training was not only cheaper but also felt more authentic. So, I took a break from school and headed over there. I spent about 6 weeks at an ashram, immersed in yoga from dawn till dusk. It was intense, covering everything from different yoga styles to philosophy and meditation. That experience really opened my eyes to what yoga is all about, way beyond just the physical practice. It shifted my whole perspective on fitness and life in general.

After coming back from India, how did you manage to weave yoga into your everyday life? 

It's kind of a cool story. Right when I got back, I literally bumped into a conversation about yoga in a Starbucks line. The person behind me was about to open a yoga studio and we just clicked. Before I knew it, I was teaching yoga regularly, something I hadn't planned but absolutely loved. Then the pandemic hit, and like everyone else, I had to pivot—moving classes online and keeping that connection alive through screens and outdoor parks. It was a shift, but it kept my passion for teaching burning.

We are curious to know how did you make the shift from Yoga and anthropology into tech and specifically into Nova?

Along with teaching Yoga I have attained my AA in cybersecurity, and I was on the hunt for some real-world experience in the tech industry. I joined an outsourcing company which assigned me to work mainly with Nova, which turned out to be this incredible learning curve. Being at Nova is being at the forefront of tech—it is about dealing with pressure but more about the pace and the constant learning. I am often thrown into the deep end, but thanks to my teammates and some savvy engineers, I never feel alone. They guide me through, so in turn, I can support them. It is a real team effort.

After a year of working as a contractor Nova decided to bring things in-house. They wanted my colleague Ivan and me to join full-time, to really be part of Nova's journey. When I got the offer, I was honestly thrilled. The opportunity to grow with Nova was something I couldn't pass up. So, in December, I made the switch to being a full-time employee.

What are you enjoying most about your current job? 

I love working with computers and I have been building my own PCs since I was around 13 years old. I’ve always enjoyed an environment where I can take apart and tinker with a device to see what might be causing it issues. Working in fitness has also shown me that I love working with people and my current job allows me the best of both worlds to solve problems together with my team.

What makes working at Nova special to you? 

My coworkers at Nova are enjoyable to work with. They are all extremely dedicated and committed to their goals. The wealth of knowledge and passion they all share is inspiring, and it keeps me motivated to continue my education as well as my personal and career growth.

What does the IT team contribute to our company mission? 

The IT team is what keeps the internal gears of a company running smoothly. We are constantly on the lookout for issues that may arise and we take proactive steps to prevent them from causing any problems to other teams or individuals. If there is an issue that prohibits someone from getting their work done then we quickly remedy the problem and produce documentation to ensure we can approach it more effectively in the future. When the IT team is effective in their approach to problem solving then the rest of Nova can do what they need to with peace of mind.

How are you empowered by Nova to make an impact? 

Nova is always moving forward in a positive way, whether its through their position in the metrology sciences, their willingness and care to make a smaller impact on the environment, or their dedication to their employees and communities there are always opportunities to make an impact. I am empowered to continue my growth in IT knowledge to better assist my team. In alignment with Nova I am proactive in limiting my carbon footprint while volunteering whenever there are events that are offered to help others. I participate in Nova’s internal events whenever possible so that I can be active in strengthening our community.

How did you end up offering yoga classes to your Nova colleagues? 

In the past I had some experience with teaching at companies who wanted a bit of wellness for their teams. It was different, not your typical studio crowd, but I loved the challenge and the change of pace. Fast forward to my early days at Nova, and I'm chatting with my colleagues, sharing bits about my life outside of tech, including my passion for yoga.

Then Keren from HR heard about it and thought, "Why not bring yoga to Nova?"

I was all for it—I mean, talking about yoga, practicing it, teaching it, it's all up my alley. We started planning, sorting out when and where, and just like that, I found myself rolling out mats with my colleagues at Nova. It all came together quicker than I expected. It's an amazing experience which brings a slice of calm to our busy days. 

What kind of feedback have you received from your colleagues about the yoga classes?

Well, the feedback has been positive. They've been curious, asking insightful questions after class. Questions like how they can improve a specific pose or where to find good online classes to complement our weekly sessions. It shows me they're not just participating; they're genuinely interested in incorporating yoga into their lives. And that's been fantastic to see. It's all about finding that sweet spot—bringing a bit of physical wellness into our workday without overdoing it. It's been rewarding, really, seeing how a little stretch and mindfulness can start to shift how we approach our day at the office and beyond. 

Aaron, your journey from fitness enthusiast to a Yoga instructor to a help desk technician exemplifies the power of balance and importance of wellness. We value your dedication to sharing the transformative power of yoga with your Nova colleagues since it not only enriches our work life but it also strengthens our teamwork and highlights the importance of holistic well-being.


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Nova Team
Nova Team

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