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Women In Nova: Insights from Nova’s Diverse Perspectives

Nova's Women's Month 2024 was a lively celebration of strength and presence, featuring a range of engaging activities and heartfelt gatherings. Across Nova's global territories, dynamic panel discussions and meaningful roundtable sessions provided spaces for sharing ideas and inspiring one another. On our social media platforms, we showcased the inspiring stories of our remarkable female colleagues, aiming to inspire others with their experiences and insights.

Here are their stories:

Noa Shinar Ron, VP Corporate Marketing

Noa, how do you champion women's growth within your team?

"I champion women's growth by valuing their personal lives as much as their professional achievements.
I encourage them to step out of their comfort zones, offering mentorship and advice for career and professional development.
I support their continuous learning through external courses and training encouraging them to connect with industry peers.
I ensure equality among all team members while acknowledging and addressing the unique challenges women may face, creating an environment where everyone can thrive."

Noa Shinar- Ron, VP Corporate Marketing, panelist in Nova Israel's Women’s Day panel


Ting Chen, Service Engineer

Ting, How has your childhood fascination with robotics shaped your career path in mechanical engineering and led you to Nova?

As a child, I grew up surrounded by robot animations, which made me dream of building my own robot.
This led me to pursue all knowledge related to building a robot, and along the way, I discovered a talent for science and programming.
Choosing Mechanical Engineering as my college major was the natural progression. While working on a robotics project in college, I realized that collaboration and communication are the two most essential skills.
I really enjoyed sharing and receiving diverse experiences, and felt it connected with the world.

So, I was looking to work at an international company where I could openly make suggestions for improvement and where my contribution to brainstorming would be significant.
This is why I chose to work at Nova, where I see how much my team values open communication and collaboration.

Ting Chen, Service Engineer


Sarah Okada, Product Marketing Director

Sarah, Can you share insights on how women can sustain a dynamic and successful career path in the ever-evolving tech landscape?

Like most tech industries, the semiconductor industry is characterized by rapid technology development cycles. Staying abreast of the changes is crucial to ensure a dynamic and successful career path.
Advancements in technology often drive tighter technical requirements and manufacturing process challenges that require innovative solutions, which in turn can provide amazing opportunities for career enrichment and growth.
It's impossible to track all innovation across the entire industry, so I recommend focusing on areas that interest you most.

Participate in technical conferences, read relevant publications, track social media, join special interest groups to keep current on developments in your field.
Seek out opportunities to learn.
Become a subject matter expert.

Sarah Okada, Product Marketing Director, panelist in Nova USA’s Women’s Day panel


Rui Dai, Application Tech Lead

Rui, What female role models inspired you to pursue a career in tech environment?

Thinking back on what drew me to the tech world, I realize that it wasn't just one or two people who inspired me to pursue a career in tech.
In fact, a whole group of women in science and tech became my role models and impacted my choices. In the history of science, there are so many talented, brilliant, and capable women who've pushed the boundaries of knowledge, sometimes without getting the recognition they deserved.

These female scientists have opened doors for women like me to pursue careers where talent and knowledge matter more than being a man or a woman.
Working in the tech field is right for me because here I am judged based on my skills and not my gender.
This is why I chose to be part of the Women’s Day panel for all Nova women; to share my story and hopefully be a role model for other women.

Rui Dai, Application Tech Lead, panelist in Nova China’s Women’s Day panel


Valentina Sertic, Chemical Engineer

Valentina, What motivated you to pursue a career in the tech industry?

My fascination with technology began with my innate curiosity, which led me to enroll in a Technical Chemical School, setting my path toward studying Chemical Engineering.
During my studies, I actively participated in various student activities, like the Energy Efficiency Association and developing new materials.

I was also part of the Formula Student competition team, which gave me my first real glimpse into how the tech industry operates, from collaborating between different departments and engineers to creating the final product.
This experience made it clear to me that my future lay in technology.

After working for a few years as a laboratory and process equipment consultant and laboratory analyst, I realized that helping others select the best equipment for their laboratories and processes was something I was passionate about.

Eventually, I decided to move abroad, from my homeland Croatia to Germany to further my career in a direction that felt more aligned with my aspirations.
That's why I feel like I lucked out when I landed my position at Nova as a Chemical Engineer in the Testing Department.

Valentina Sertic, Chemical Engineer, participant in Nova Germany’s Women’s Day round table discussion


Hyerim Kim, Senior Service Coordinator

Hyerim, since starting at Nova in 2019, what big obstacles have you faced and what helped you overcome them?

Since starting at Nova in 2019, the challenges I faced, especially those stemming from management changes, seemed daunting at first.

However, these obstacles became steppingstones for personal and professional development. I cultivated self-reliance and a sense of responsibility, learning to independently manage my tasks and time.

By setting goals and collaborating with my team, I improved my problem-solving skills, embodying the saying, 'Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.'
Instead of dwelling on the uncontrollable, I embraced the opportunity to drive change, furthering my capabilities.

Nova's support and emphasis on positive communication have been instrumental in this journey, showing me the value of empowerment through teamwork. This approach has not only enabled me to overcome challenges but has also opened doors to continuous learning and growth.

Hyerim Kim, Senior Service Coordinator, panelist in Nova Korea’s Women’s Day panel

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