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Demonstrating a DNA of InNOVAtion

There are Infinite ways to innovate and Nova is known to cultivate an atmosphere of innovation, encouraging our teams to take their brain power to the next level.

Nova’s innovation DNA over the years is manifested at many levels, driven by our people and demonstrating de-facto that there are infinite ways to innovate:

  • We have innovative solutions throughout Nova’s history and throughout all product-lifecycle development.
  • We innovate through collaboration both internally and externally.
  • We have demonstrated that innovation leads to more innovation.
  • We clearly see the impact of our innovation in the field, leading to differentiated technological solutions across all our product lines. These unique solutions are recognized by key customers and partners as reflected by their feedback received officially and non-officially in our day-to-day interaction.
  • Finally, we continue to invest in new directions to fuel Nova’s future growth

Nova has been an innovator since its inception – on the dimensional side from the invention of the concept of integrated metrology and on the material side in taking XPS to become an inline technology.

Over the years we continue to bring differentiated solutions encompassing all our technological aspects – algorithm, software, and hardware in both fields of material metrology and dimensional metrology. Beyond our leading technologies of XPS, Optical CD,  modeling, and machine learning we keep introducing brand new technologies into the fab such as Spectral Interferometry, Raman Spectroscopy, and more.

One quantitative aspect in which we can measure our innovation growth and uniqueness is via our IP protection. Over the years the number of patent applications we file keeps growing, currently resulting in over 800 applications cited by over 7500 other patent applications. In addition, the number of inventors keeps growing at a similar pace indicating that innovation is proliferating throughout the organization.

Anyone involved in innovation knows that a keyway to stem new directions and ideas is through collaboration. Over the years we have been collaborating with many of our customers and OEM partners. We have in-depth technological collaboration with leading companies in our industry, we partner with multiple industry consortia and, and we have joint activities with leading universities in Israel.

Most importantly we collaborate internally – As a truly global company, we experience worldwide collaboration across Nova’s territories, technologies, and business units. This collaboration is the direct result of teamwork and partnership among people – each and every one of Nova’s brilliant team members working with colleagues both near and far. These collaborations create an outstanding synergy, which fuels excellence and is a key ingredient in Nova’s culture and DNA.

One of the key characteristics of innovation is that it fuels itself – new ideas and new products lead us to uncharted territory thus bringing more innovation and additional ideas.

At this point, curiosity might arise as to the nature of the innovations presented annually in the Nova Innovation Award competition as well as in our day-to-day work. Yet that is something we cannot expose until these solutions are released to the market. Nevertheless, rest assured that they will be unveiled in due time, in Nova’s products, technologies, and services.

Dr. Shay Wolfling
Dr. Shay Wolfling
CTO at Nova Measuring Instruments

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