Nova MARS®

Advanced 3D Modeling Software for Optical Critical Dimension Calculation

The Nova MRAS® software package is a multi-channel metrology modeling engine designed for the most advanced 3D structures in advanced process nodes of semiconductor manufacturing. It’s a complete modeling solution for scatterometry model development, material characterization and recipe optimization which is crucial for facing increasing challenges in semiconductor metrology.  Nova MRAS® injects physical and process related knowledge to solve complex structures.

Nova MRAS®, in combination with Nova FIT™ and its advanced algorithms, which maximize signal information, and with Nova HPC® computational management layer, breaks an age-old paradigm.  While manufacturers often have to sacrifice either accuracy or productivity, this combined offering enables robustness & accuracy, enhanced productivity, extended range of edge applications and faster time to solution.

Highlights and Benefit

  • Fast and precise solution development and Library generation
  • Supports highly complex 2D/3D structures
  • Easy-to-use model building featuring Nova MRAS® StackMaker™
  • Built-in, intuitive and user-friendly Nova MRAS® MatMaker™ for material characterization
  • Designed for mutli-channel recipe optimization
  • Combined proprietary algorithms for complex 3D and HAR structures to address logic and memory challenges in advanced tech nodes
  • Advanced library solutions boost time to solution and high accuracy capabilities, essential for addressing evolving metrology challenges

Nova MRAS® utilizes advanced and unique algorithms optimizing speed and accuracy of Optical CD calculations, library generation and automatic channel selection for optimized solutions. Combined with Nova FIT™ advanced modeling suite and Nova HPC® High Performance Computing, Nova MRAS® is a complete Optical CD metrology solution suitable for all Nova’s measurement platforms, and addresses the most advanced metrology challenges in FinFET, Nano-wires, 3D NAND and DRAM fabrication.

The Nova MRAS® StackMaker™ designed for scatterometry models allows simple drag-and-drop design and visualization of very complex 3D device geometries. This simple yet powerful approach makes it easy for users to create new models, implement design and process changes into existing models while tracking the design evolution.

The Nova MRAS® MatMaker™ materials characterization package provides a significantly-faster regression engine – delivering fast convergence to the correct materials and solution.