A new dimension in optical CD

Introducing Nova’s new optical CD platform employing disruptive Spectral Interferometry (SI) technology and enabling extraction of unique information from the measured sample, inaccessible by current technologies. Nova PRISM offers unique optical channels that can address many of the growing challenges in the current fabrication processes.  Nova PRISM provides invaluable metrology performance that enables the delivery of the most advanced technologies at the highest yield and quality.

Highlights and Benefits

  • All new platform designed from the ground up
  • Synergy of hardware and algorithms
  • Essential information inaccessible by current solutions
  • Industry leading machine learning solutions
  • Enhanced correlation to device yield on critical steps

Nova PRISM is targeted at the most complex device manufacturing across the semiconductor segments. The new platform is a unique addition to Nova’s advanced dimensional standalone metrology portfolio.

The solution combines revolutionary Spectral Interferometry (SI) technology with state-of-the-art multi-channel optical techniques enabling wide and unique spectral information offering.

This offering is enhanced by the Nova MARS physical modeling solutions as well as the Nova FIT machine learning capabilities to further excel the system performance and productivity to unmatched levels on multiple challenging applications.