At Nova, a leading semiconductor metrology provider, innovation is a top value both as a strategy and as a daily practice. In an exclusive interview, the company's CTO, Dr. Shay Wolfling, shares how this concept provides a unique competitive advantage in the rapidly changing chip market.

When Dr. Shay Wolfling, a physics expert, joined Nova as its CTO about 11 years ago, very little about the company was the same as it is today. Over the past decade, Nova has experienced tremendous growth, acquiring two companies, significantly increasing its revenue and employee count, and shifting its technology direction and product lines. Yet, one constant remains at the core of its DNA: its commitment to innovation as a daily working method.
Nova is a leading provider of metrology solutions for the semiconductor industry. Founded in 1993 in Israel, the company currently employs over 1,100 people across eight countries worldwide and is listed on Nasdaq and the TA-35 index on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Nova serves leading semiconductor manufacturers such as Intel, Samsung, and TSMC with its advanced high-tech systems for quality control processes throughout the entire chip production chain. With over 4,700 systems installed globally, the company’s strategy centers around building a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of metrology solutions to drive the growth of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Breakthrough solutions for manufacturing process control

The chip industry drives the technological revolution in the digital age and has been required to progress at an unprecedented pace during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other sectors, the long-term success of the semiconductor manufacturing industry depends on its ability to turn innovative ideas into commercially viable products. The technology development process – from proving feasibility to commercial production – is a complex challenge that demands extensive expertise and investment in various areas, a prolonged development timeline, and exceptional innovation capabilities.
Tight control over the production process is essential for success, and this is where Nova plays a crucial role. In the semiconductor industry, they deal with sophisticated computer chips composed of billions of tiny devices measured in nanometers (billionths of a meter). During the production process, numerous materials with properties that are highly sensitive to contamination and process variations are used. Reliable control systems are necessary to allow semiconductor manufacturers to monitor the manufacturing process, detect potential issues, and standardize operations in advance.

As Dr. Wolfling explains, “We take new and cutting-edge metrology technologies, refine them, and bring them to the world’s most advanced production lines to provide the semiconductor industry with groundbreaking solutions for process control. Our products integrate optical, mechanical, and advanced electronics components with innovative software and algorithms, giving top chip manufacturers an accurate and dependable view of what’s happening during the development and production of the most advanced chips.”

There is always a way through the wall

Nova started its journey in Dimensional Metrology and has since grown and diversified through acquisitions. Today, the company operates three divisions: the Dimensional Metrology Division, the company’s original division established in Israel; the Materials Metrology Division, established in 2015 with the acquisition of ReVera and serving as Nova’s R&D and production center in California; and the Chemical Metrology Division, founded in 2022 through the acquisition of ancosys GmbH and serving as Nova’s R&D and production center in Germany.

Dr. Wolfling is a graduate of the IDF’s Talpiot project and a former entrepreneur who founded Nano Light Technologies, a start-up that developed a unique technology that was eventually sold to a Belgian company. After the Belgian company was acquired by KLA, Dr. Wolfling continued to work there until joining Nova. He leads the CTO group with over 20 researchers, half of whom hold Ph.D. degrees, as well as 30+ technology experts across the company’s divisions, creating a significant concentration of scientific talent within Nova.

What is the CTO group you lead responsible for?
“The CTO group is responsible for developing and implementing long-term technology strategies. This involves starting new product lines and expanding existing ones, both organically and through acquisitions. We have a close relationship with customers to ensure our innovation meets their needs and provides practical, business and technology solutions for the industry both now and in the future. The group is given freedom for innovation and research, but it is not just academic work. We always consider the needs of the industry and upcoming problems, and it gives us great satisfaction when our innovation successfully meets customer needs.

In addition, the CTO group is also accountable for Nova’s global intellectual property matters, taking part in government initiatives and programs, and overseeing partnerships with research institutes, academic institutions, and industry partners.”

Dr. Wolfling explains that the “long-term technological advancement occurs globally, with advanced technology units in each division. These are multidisciplinary teams made up of physicists, algorithm specialists, electrical engineers, and process engineers who conduct research and feasibility tests within their respective areas of expertise. These teams report to the division managers in terms of organization, but are professionally accountable to the CTO, allowing for multiple innovation cycles and creating synergies across the company and a comprehensive overview of future products and technologies.”

“We adhere to the principle that even as a market leader, it’s not sufficient to simply enhance products, but new capabilities must be brought to maintain that leadership. It’s fulfilling to see employees who started developing new technologies 7 or 8 years ago still contributing to the development of new capabilities as those products reach customers. These achievements reinforce our confidence that even the seemingly insurmountable tasks can be overcome. There’s always a path through the obstacle.”

Resting on one’s laurels is boring

Taking an innovative vision at Nova is a daily experience for the company’s employees. Dr. Anna Hirsch, who has been working at Nova for three years as an Algorithms Specialist, shares her perspective on what it’s like. She holds a bachelor’s degree in materials engineering, as well as a master’s degree and a doctorate in computational chemistry from the Weizmann Institute. After completing her doctorate, she joined Nova.

“The essence of innovation is doing something that you’re not sure how to do. There’s no set protocol or prior knowledge; you have to come up with the solution on your own. It’s not a straightforward process,” explains Dr. Hirsch. “To enjoy it, you have to be willing to embrace the unknown, not shy away from it. We work as a team, consult each other, and everyone contributes their unique expertise. Our solutions are interdisciplinary and encompass aspects of physics, chemistry, materials engineering, electrical engineering, algorithmics, and more.”

“We embrace the challenge of starting from scratch and pushing the boundaries of what is known. This is what drives us and makes coming to work every day exciting. As a multidisciplinary team, we draw on a range of expertise in physics, chemistry, materials engineering, electrical engineering, and algorithmics to find innovative solutions. Our work environment encourages thinking outside the box and taking risks, with a supportive team to back us up. When we achieve a breakthrough, it’s incredibly satisfying, but we never rest on our laurels. There’s always another question or challenge waiting for us, keeping us motivated and engaged.”

How does this work?

We hold team meetings every week to discuss and address any challenges that arise. The collective dialogue is crucial because it provides an opportunity to bring up problems, even if no one else currently has a solution. Our goal is to foster continuous innovation and keep the creative process flowing. By encouraging interaction and collaboration, we create an environment that allows for diverse thought processes and new ideas to emerge. This is why we place great importance on open communication and mutual stimulation within our team.

From the laboratory to the production line

The integration of advanced and diverse materials into the chip manufacturing process posed a challenge that required the development of new systems and technologies. Nova took on this challenge by transitioning laboratory technologies into commercial systems through the process known as “lab-to-fab.” A noteworthy example of this is  Nova ELIPSON™ , a cutting-edge metrology system for characterizing materials using Raman spectroscopy – a technology that earned its inventor a Nobel Prize.

The development of the Elipson technology at Nova involved a journey from the lab to the fab. A research project, led by the company’s CTO group and involving collaboration with academia and leading customers, resulted in a prototype that showed the capability to characterize materials using Raman spectroscopy. The team was then expanded to include hardware, software, and theoretical model development units. The technology was then improved and adapted to a commercial product suited for 24/7 operation on production lines. The positive feedback from customers demonstrated the commercial potential of the technology, and it was eventually launched as a Nova product called Nova ELIPSON. Now, the technology is manufactured and sold commercially.

“Turning a basic technology into a commercially available product is a rare feat in our industry,” says Dr. Wolfling. “This process is a testament to our innovation. We not only added new capabilities, but also established a completely new technology product line for Nova.”

“At Nova, we provide ample opportunities for our researchers to be creative and innovative. However, we are not just an academic institution. Our focus is on meeting the needs of the industry and anticipating future challenges. When we are able to align our innovations with their needs, it brings great satisfaction and success.”

The article first appeared in “The Israeli Hi-Tech Book”, a marketing content magazine published by “The Marker Labels”

Gila has been with Nova as early as 1/1994, almost since the beginning. As Nova's most veteran employee, Gila is trusted by others for her vast institutional knowledge and memories of how things were founded and evolved.

Through the changes over the past 30 years, Gila is proud to say that one of the company’s strongest founding values are creativity, accountability, motivation, and commitment.

Gila, tell us a little about yourself

I joined Nova after my maternity leave, with my twins, Tomer and Maya. Before then, I worked in the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC while studying behavioral science at the University of Maryland. Ten years ago, I studied logistics at Bar Ilan University. For the last 20 years I’m in a relationship with Yair and my hobbies are Bridge and sports, yet, when it comes to sports, I mostly enjoy watching them… not so much doing…).

What are you doing at Nova today?

When I started working at Nova, I was the seventh employee. Currently, nearly 30 years later, I am the logistics manager at Nova, responsible for the company’s import and export activities and Nova’s warehouses worldwide. Since joining Nova almost 30 years ago, I have held several positions in different departments. In the beginning, I did most of the administrative tasks, purchasing, travels, import/export, responsible for the leasehold improvements in the various locations Nova moved to and from during the growth periods (from building #1 and adding a lab in building #3, then moving into building #18 and then the whole building #22. As the company grew, I focused on import/export and then received additional responsibility for the global warehouses.

What is your first memory of Nova?

I’ve been at Nova so long that choosing just one memory is difficult, but the first memory that comes into my mind, was when we received our first two purchase orders, at almost the same time for multiple systems from very significant companies in the semi-industry. It was a sense of a dream come true. I can’t explain the enthusiasm and the emotions that followed.

Another memory is when a delegation from a very significant customer came to visit us at the office. The delegation on behalf of the customer was twice the size of Nova at the time! I remember looking at the delegation representatives and counting them one by one. I was sitting at the entrance, and a constant stream of people with suits kept coming in. It was amazing.

In general, I remember vividly that Nova’s innovative and unique solutions together with excellent customer support were the foundations for the success of the first 2-3 years. 

Very exciting. So, what has motivated you to continue 30 years in the company?

I have held quite a few positions, and different office locations yet the most impressive office is the one that we moved into 3 years ago.

It is unique in the hi-tech industry to work for such a long time, you need self-motivation and invest a lot of personal effort to keep up with the pace of changes while keeping a high level of professionalism and hard work– “Never Ever Give Up” was the motto of the company from the beginning and I adhered to it all these years!
When I look back, I see that I accomplished different things in different places. The company grew, more people joined the team, and there have always been challenges that added to the interest.
I truly believe that facing our fears, taking responsibility, and demonstrating determination are the key to success for many years.

What has changed in Nova over the years you have been here?

In the beginning, there was more intimacy since we were such a small group. Each one of us knew everything about everything. We were exposed to everything: every purchase, every challenge, every agreement, and also every failure. I can say that there are Nova’s systems from those early days that still work at our customers’ sites.

What hasn’t changed and has been a foundational part of Nova’s corporate culture from the beginning is the tagline of passion, innovation, and performance. I think these things have remained at Nova and are a significant part of our values even today. Another thing that still exists today that has been a defining characteristic of Nova since the beginning are the special, creative, and highly motivated people. The unique organizational culture that was built in the first years continues.  I hear this from new employees all the time- that they feel the same positive vibe as it was from the beginning.

It’s a bit of a cliché to say that Nova is my second family.

That’s amazing! What do you wish for Nova in the next 30 years?

That we continue to focus on innovation and technological leadership. I also hope the organizational culture and atmosphere remain as they have been and still are now and that we continue to dream and conquer new heights.

Mandy Yong is Nova Taiwan’s Sr. HR generalist and Talent Acquisition Partner. Mandy has been with Nova Since 2017 and in this post, she generously shares 14 tips to help you nail your interview at Nova Taiwan.

Before Your interview

Do your research

Visit Nova’s website, google us, check out Nova Taiwan Facebook page, and learn about our culture, mission, and values. If you have a friend at Nova, talk to them to learn more. It’s vital that you understand our main business, our industry, our products and services, and who are our clients and competitors. The more knowledgeable you become, the more prepared you will be for the interview.

Demonstrate interest in the position

Review the job description, make sure you understand what it entails and how your skills, capabilities, and qualifications make you the right person for the job. If there are criteria you don’t directly meet, think about other skills or capabilities that you do have that you can apply instead. Yet, be realistic about any gaps in your knowledge and/or skills.

Get to know your interviewer

Ask who is going to interview you and then use LinkedIn to find out more about your interviewer’s professional interests and experience.

Prepare and practice

Ask a friend to do a mock-interview and help you prepare on a professional and technical level. Try to simulate situations with customers or tech issues you might need to resolve. Then prepare answers for the interview, how would you address these issues based on previous experience.

Here are some practice questions you can use: 

  • Why are you interested in this job opportunity?
  • What is your specific expertise?
  • Why do you want to join Nova?
  • Give us an example of a situation where you had to face a challenge with a customer/colleague?, how did you deal with it? What did you learn from it about yourself?
  • Give us an example of a stressful situation with a customer? What did you take from this experience about your abilities to deal with pressure?
  • Why did you leave/are you leaving your current position?
  • What would your ex-manager miss most about you when you leave?
  • How would your coworkers describe you?
  • What other companies have you interviewed with Is there a position you really wanted to go to and were not accepted? Why?
  • What is your current salary, and salary expectation? 

Be prepared to answer more challenging questions like:

  • Why is there a gap in your employment history?
  • Why have you changed jobs so frequently?

What to bring with you?

Make sure to bring 2 copies of your resume and other documents and materials you may want to present.

Relax. You got this.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Try to think about the interview as a conversation in which you’re coming to learn about the company. Thinking about it in this way can help your curiosity and listening skills shine through.

The day has arrived- What to do on the interview day? 

Candidate Interview at Nova Taiwan

Arrive 5-10 minutes early

First impressions matter. Arriving on time means arriving 5-10 minutes early. Remember your interview begins when you arrive at the reception desk. Be courteous and attentive.

Verbal and nonverbal communication is key

During the interview, answer with confidence, and stay positive. Be sure to smile and maintain eye contact as much as possible. Eye contact is an important part of nonverbal communication

Good listening skills go a long way

Making a good impression can be easy enough with a smile and a friendly greeting. Good listening skills can also go a long way in helping you to build rapport with the interviewer. Show that you are paying attention, listen more than you talk, and provide on-point responses.

Be curious 

Asking questions can show that you are curious, engaged and have great listening skills. It’s one more opportunity to create a great impression. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities of the position?
  • What is your favorite part about working at Nova?
  • What does success look like in this position? How do you measure it?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development? If so, what do they look like?
  • What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job?
  • How was my interview performance? Was I missing anything or is there something I need to clarify?
  • What does the interview process looks like? What should I expect?

Saying goodbye

Say thank you with a firm handshake and a smile. You can even mention something that you enjoyed about the interview. This can help you be more memorable. You may also want to ask for the hiring manager’s business card, this will be useful for sending a follow-up email.

After the interview 

Following up

It’s a good idea to follow up while your name is still fresh in the interviewer’s mind. In your email, consider including one or two things you were excited to learn about, and any remaining questions you may have.

Dr. Shay Wolfling, Nova's CTO is proud to introduce the Nova METRION®- our new in-line SIMS product and technology.

Click Play to watch the webinar

Hello to you all, In this short online Webinar, I want to introduce the Nova METRION®– our new in-line SIMS product and technology.

The webinar will include a short overview of the technology, a few typical use cases, and some of the product highlights.

I’m Shay Wolfling, Nova’s CTO, responsible for our technology development for the past 10 years.

Nova Metrion

Following the press release we issued, we are happy to announce Nova’s new Material Metrology solution – the Nova METRION®.

The Nova METRION® platform is based on the technology of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (or SIMS), which is widely used today in semiconductor laboratories.

SIMS is used to measure complex logic and memory stacks and obtain precise depth-profiles of material properties.

The uniqueness and innovation of the Nova METRION® is by bringing this advanced technology into the fab. This enables in-line SPC, in a fully automated way on 300mm production wafers.

Materials Engineering

The Nova METRION® expands Nova’s solutions to the growing challenges of Material Engineering.

Beyond scaling and 3D architectures, customers are introducing new materials in each new generation, and the industry increases its reliance on materials engineering to advance performance and scaling.

These changes create a greater need to monitor and control advanced materials, and increase the demand for new measurements to precisely characterize minute changes in material properties.

Materials Metrology Portfolio

The usage of new methods for materials engineering is reflected in the growth of both our Xray and Optical material-metrology solutions.

Our XPS Nova VERAFLEX tool for controlling composition and thickness of ultra-thin films has already been adopted in-line by all leading device makers.

The recently introduced Raman-Spectroscopy based ELIPSON, has also been adopted by leading memory and logic customers, running accurate in-line measurements on production wafers.

The Nova METRION® is the newest addition to Nova’s Materials Metrology Portfolio:

  • Expanding our application coverage to include material-composition depth-profiling
  • and expanding our technology offering, to include Ions as well as X-Ray and Optics.

SIMS Technology

So, what is the SIMS Technology and how does it enable obtaining precise depth profiles of material composition?

  • We use a focused ion beam to remove minute layers of the wafer.
  • Charged ions of the extracted material (named secondary Ions) are collected and analyzed by a Mass Spectrometer, having multiple detectors that can detect different materials in parallel.
  • We thus get a full concentration and depth distribution of specific elements through the wafer- stack at the point of measurement.

Let me give one specific example:

  • This output graph shows the composition of a SiGe:B EPI wafer. Boron, Germanium, and Silicon are detected in the EPI layer.
  • The different colors show the change in concentration of the different materials as a function of depth.
  • This measurement can be repeated at several locations on the wafer, to create a wafer map.
  • The change in concentration as a function of depth is then uploaded to the factory host, where the data is monitored for process control.

As the measurement area is very small and as the source is contamination free, the wafer can go back into production to continue its manufacturing process, making METRION a true in-line metrology tool.

Application Space

In-Line SIMS has a variety of high-value applications to significantly improve process control of critical steps.

Here we have 3 examples:

  • Monitoring material doping concentration in the Epi process.
  • Controlling the uniformity of Silicon-Germanium deposition in Nanosheets.
  • Detecting critical contaminants in 3DNAND manufacturing.

These use cases have been validated by customers and some are already running in production.

Dopant Concentration

The first use case I will describe is monitoring the doping or concentration of Boron, while epitaxially growing Silicon-Germanium layers. Since very small variations in the Boron concentration can impact the final device performance, METRION platform is used to qualify, monitor, and match Epi chambers in the Fab.

During the Epi process, Metrion is used to control some key parameters:

  • Monitoring Epi growth uniformity, by tracking the Ge concentration and the ratio of Germanium to Boron (referred to as “Ge fraction”).
  • Measuring the Dopant concentration profile, peak concentration, and uniformity across the wafer.

On the top graph you can see an example of a single measurement of Boron, Germanium, and Si concentration profiles.

On the bottom graph you can see the tracking over time of the average Boron concentration and Germanium fraction, as being sent to the fab host for automatic SPC of the Epi process.

As a result of chamber qualification and matching in the fab, customers can achieve tighter process control on the challenging Epi process and higher uptime to their Epi chambers.

Deposition Uniformity

The 2nd use case is controlling the uniformity of Silicon-Germanium deposition in Nanosheets.

One of the critical steps in the manufacturing of Nanosheets or Gate-All-Around, is the deposition of SiGe.

The concentration of the Germanium, and in particular its uniform deposition on each nanosheet, dramatically affects the selectivity of the following etch process and has direct impact on the electrical performance of the transistor.

In-Line SIMS is used to monitor within-layer and within-wafer uniformity:

  • On the bottom graph you can see the Germanium concentration variation across each one of the 3 individual Nanosheets in one specific location.
  • While on the top graph you can see the uniformity of the Germanium concentration across the entire wafer, based on 9 measurement points.

Contamination Detection

The last METRION use case I will review is Contamination-Detection in the deposition of the Word-line in 3DNAND.

Fluorine and Chlorine, which are materials used in the deposition of the Tungsten metal layer, tend to diffuse into the dielectric layer and can kill the device.

With in-line SIMS customers can detect and measure the concentration of these deadly contaminants through the stack.

On the top graph you can see a METRION measurement result of the concentration profile of Chlorine and Fluorine.

On the bottom graph you can see an SPC chart example of monitoring Fluorine within spec over time and the beginning of a process excursion where the Fluorine Level increases beyond the upper control limit.

Measuring these contaminants in-line is critical both for improved accuracy as well as for device yield. Sending wafers to the Lab takes too long to detect, putting many wafers at risk before the process excursion is detected.

Uniquely designed for HVM

One key point to note before I summarize:

Nova’s METRION implementation is very different from a Lab SIMS.

The platform is a fully automated, recipe-driven, 300mm wafer metrology system that seamlessly integrates into a Fab workflow for wafer-level analysis.

From an architecture perspective, the METRION is designed from the ground up for the production environment:

This unique architecture is reflected in many key components including contamination-free advanced source, and a novel detector technology, which can measure multiple materials simultaneously.

The innovative architecture and differentiated components result in superior depth resolution as well as stable and repeatable measurements.

The system performs the analysis on a small measurement area, compatible with production wafers.

Combined with state-of-the art data analysis, the Nova METRION® provides quantitative and actionable results, enabling advanced process control of complex and critical multi-layer films.


To summarize this Webinar:

  • We are proud to launch the industry’s first In-Line SIMS, enabling SPC of material composition profiles within Semiconductor production lines.
  • The Nova METRION® is a fully automated HVM-worthy platform, with unique architecture and data analytics, targeted for the process control of complex 3D logic and memory stacks.
  • The output is high quality, reliable and repeatable SIMS data.
  • The Nova METRION® is already installed and running in multiple locations, and Nova is expected to recognize revenues from this platform during 2021.

Nova METRION® is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of advanced materials metrology solutions, bringing better process control to our customers.

This concludes today’s Webinar.

Thank you for attending.

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At Nova, 'Kaufman', became a synonym for innovation and groundbreaking ideas. So, you would hear people in conversation at Nova saying: "wow, that's a Kaufman!" Like saying: "great out-of-the-box thinking". When someone says: "This is a Kaufman Idea" they actually mean: "Great job!"

20 years ago, challenges were dealt with mostly by individuals. As market demands and challenge complexity grew over time, solutions increasingly required teamwork and a multi-disciplinary approach, in order to support a wider spectrum of avenues when seeking innovative solutions.

As the Nova Innovation Award submissions grew from just a few papers in the beginning to as many as 40 excellent papers in recent years, imagine the level of responsibility that the award committee has to shoulder to make sure they choose the best of the best.

The Nova Innovation Award evaluation process is a very exciting period for me, making me proud of the wide variety of innovation across multiple Nova units working together across the globe. This year’s theme of “infinite ways to innovate” has many aspects. We see innovation across all stages of our product development.

Most of the projects I participated in as part of the Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) competition are the result of multidisciplinary teamwork with algorithms, marketing, and software. They’re challenging but have so much added value.

Collaboration and teamwork are some of Nova’s strongest assets. Working together to create what no one else can- that’s Applicable Physics at its best!

It is evident throughout the year that innovation leads to more innovations – new products and new technologies lead to differentiated algorithms and unique implementations.

We see this kind of innovation expressing itself in everything. So you would have Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) works of altogether new technologies but also new uses of existing technologies and new algorithms allowing us to do things that we just could not do before and really out-of-the-box innovative application work.

It’s been interesting to see the cross-pollination of ideas between the dimensional and material sides of our business.  I believe that this cooperation has led to an increased pace of innovation at Nova.

The Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) not only encourages innovative thinking but also enriches me with new ideas and thoughts surfaced by others. It has also become the glue that connects the field and Nova’s vision of innovation. It is our stage to dream and make an impact.

I’ve always felt it’s a fun and exciting time to be able to hear all of the new and innovative ideas presented. But as well, I think it helped me to be a more focused and innovative collaborative developer throughout the whole year as I look forward to next year’s Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) award

From one event to the next – Nova employees not only showed great creativity in content but also showed great creativity in illustrating the content to the committee.

The fact that our experience and testimonies became the basis for a Kaufman paper was very empowering. We have much to contribute and the collaboration is a true boost to both us and to Nova.

There is an expression that describes it perfectly: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

To me, the Kaufman (Nova Innovation Award) vibe is all about our passion and commitment to reinventing technology on a daily basis.

Every individual at Nova is a phenomenon – making teamwork nothing less than mind-blowing.

Nova Innovation Award’s (Kaufman) spirit overcomes corona, overcomes travel restrictions, and social distancing. And how do we know that? In the last 2 years, we had more international papers than ever before.

Altogether, all of these new ideas and inventions allow us to create the solutions in our portfolio. The solution that we eventually reach is the inter-linked skeleton of all of these ideas coming together and offering the amazing things a Nova tool can do.

The Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) is an inspiring and authentic representation of Nova’s unique path where new development and the innovative spirit keep fueling our current and future growth.